Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sneak Peek Of Possible New Releases from Provo Craft

There are some new releases coming up that have
not been shown but several sites have shown
the sneak peeks that accidentally got leaked. I am
so excited about this release and I think that I love
all of them. So here they are.....

Cindy Loo

Some of the images look like some on other carts with
just slight differences but I love this cart, so cute!
Mini Monsters

I believe that there is probably going to be Halloween
images on this one that we are not seeing. This cart is a
must have for anyone that loves Halloween. I am getting
this one for sure.
Freshly Picked

To me this looks like an updated Walk In My Garden
which is a go to cart for me so this one is going to be on my list as well.
Wall Decor and More

I am hoping that this cart has words. If this one does not
have words, I will be able to pass it up. It does have some
cute images but nothing that I would really put on my walls.

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